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I just got done doing the same thing and it took me a week to figure it out.

You didn't mention specifically if you had removed the water hoses on the inside of your ski. If not do so before proceeding

Most likely your jet drive is being held in place by a silicone sealant. This bond is incredibly strong. The simple way to break this bond is to spray it with B-12 chemtool and wait about 5 minutes. It will soften the silicone and your pump should slide off with a little encouragement.

If it takes more persuasion attach a nylon rope to the steering bolt hole on the top and bottom. Use a 2X4 and pry against the hull. This, in combination with the breaking of the chemical bonds of the seal should work fine.

Good luck!


I am trying to replace my impeller. 93 gtx seadoo, reading instructions got to the part about pulling out pump. The pump will not slide out . I removed cable and steering mech. ,removed 4 17mm nuts. It says pump slides out, I have pried on it pulled on it. I am afraid I will brake it. any advise thank you.
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