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I just got a 1996 ts montego dlx with a 640 suzuki engine.
It hasn't been run since 2003.
It had always been serviced and stored by dealer.
I drained the gas and put in new.
It ran great for 3 seperate outings.
Now it doesn't get any gas to the carb.
I can get it to run by pouring gas in the carb or down the spark plugs but it won't stay running after that gas has gone.
I took apart the carb and cleaned it as well as the carb filter. (It was very clean to beging with but I cleaned it anyway)
I checked the fuel filter and it looks clean.
I took the fuel line off at the carb and tried to suck gas through and got nothing.
If I blow throught the same line I can hear air venting out of the gas cap.
I would think I would hear gurgling or air bubbling into the gas tank but I don't.
Any ideas what to look for?

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How do you check pickups? I myself have the same problem and I am thinking it's the diaphrams that work the fuel pump in the carb. I have taken out each of the lines that go into the fuel tank and have found no fuel Pickups? Please advise what they are actually and how to find/test/clean.

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