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Unfueling of STX 1100

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Hi All......

Runniing a 99 Kawasaki STX1100 ski. If not used for couple of weeks the fuel system back drails and turning over engine on battery does not work to start. I have been advised and do prime one cylinder with fuel - this works as fires immediatly and runs, once the thing has run up starting is fine after that until left for another week or so and back to square one.....

Local agents have no solve and are prepared to "have a go"

Older ski but is in awesome condition and all I can efford so proceeding with caution -

lake Taupo New Zealand is a hell place to ski should anyone be interested.....
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is that ski carb or fuel injected?

It is carb......
have you rebuilt the carbs and replace the check valves in the gas tank
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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