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Hi, ski has 117hrs so I decided its time to pull of the top end and inspect. Number 1 piston had a bit of excessive play, so I pulled of the cylinders. I found the big end rod bearing had about 1/4" of clearance side to side! It almost looked like the crank counterweight started walking off the rod pin towards the AC magneto. Has anyone seen that happen before?? I have the motor out now. I pressed the crank back together (hoping it will hold). While I'm this far what are the best mods to do. So far I'm doing:

New crankseals and top end kit
Sending out head to RIVA for milling
Power filter and reed stuffers
D-plate and free flow exhaust hose
RIVA EFI controller
R&D ride plate (already have intake grate and pump plug kit)

I've seen people talk about punching holes for more air to the intake, where are they being punched? Also, all the black flex hose and baffle up front- can I just toss it or should I leave it in?

Since I'm getting the D-plate, what oil do you guys recommend?? Since I have the motor out should I convert to premix? The only thing I don't like about going premix is that if I need to adjust fuel settings, then i'm dumping more oil in as well.

Is there a battery re-locator? I'd like to eliminate the box at the back if I can. Any and all advice welcome!

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