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use 1 carb from a dual carb setup?

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My ski has the single carb setup, am I able to buy a dual carb setup and use just one of the carbs, if the set up is from the same year ski?
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on some ski's yes, u have to look at the fuel pumps, sometimes the fuel pumps on mikuni and Keihin are linked to each other, that is what u do not want. just by a single

why found a good deal on a dual carb
Like Ocean said, you need to look at the carbs. On the Keihins & Mikunis that share a fuel pump, one carb will have the fuel pump and the other will not. You can still use this dual carb setup as long as you get the carb with the fuel pump attached! There will be some linkage changes involved, but nothing too major especially if you have your old carb to use for parts!
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