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I hope this is the right section.

I honestly know nothing about jet skis, but I'm in the market for one. I have a large group of people who I go camping with several times a year. We have a couple boats in the group, but no jet ski, but everyone loves to ride them.

I would buy new, but my fiance and I are saving for a wedding and a house - and a brand new jet ski payment would be a bit much for us. I think the best option for me right now is to buy used, and get a new one a couple years down the line.

Now on to my question:

I found a dealer selling two 1996 Seadoo XPs, with an asking price of $4300 for both, trailer included - they are accepting offers, so we may be able to get them for less. It doesn't show any issues with either ski, and it's listed as "low hours". Two jet skis are looking attractive since we have a decent sized group.

Does this sound like a good deal? What would be a reasonable offer for them?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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