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Hello to all,
This is my first post and i am also new to jet skis. My ? is about one of our STX-15F's one rides smooth with just the sightest vibration while the other has a considerable amount of vibration. We just bought these new but they were in a demo program and our sheriff dept had them. One had 0 hours on it and the other had .4 hours. The one that had been used for just over a half an hour had been beached and had some rocks sucked into the impeller. The impeller had some very small dings in it and the bottom was scuffed a little. When we first took these out after buying them we ran them side by side with no performance issues. The ski that vibrates is one that I normally do not ride but on our last outing I rode it and noticed the vibration. Not sure if it has always been there or if its something new. Both now have about 17 hours on them. MY question is if anybody would have an idea of what this may be from. Bad gas, dinged impeller or something else. The pick up and top speed are not affected at all and run just as good as the other ski. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for such a long post but wanted to try and give all the needed info.
Thanks ;)
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