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I bought my '95 ZXI 900 this march, and discovered a number of clogs in the cooling passages, hoses and fittings. I cleared them all with compressed air, a pressure washer, and a few of them with brute force, so by my 4th lake test, I had a steady, un-interrupted flow out of the starboard pisser, although bizzarly, my MAX WOT rpm seemed to drop from 8000+ to 7500 rpm by that time.

I periodically checked my compression with an EQUUS compression tester, always resulting as follows: #1: 97 #2: 97 #3: 95

Two days ago, an unsettling incident occurred: My friend (a first time rider) embarked on a lake voyage (about 15 min) and upon returning, I discovered cooling hose from the pump high pressure side to the hull became dislodged (my fault for not tightening sufficiently I suppose) -- the engine was overheating and vibrating immensely. I re-connected the hose, restoring water supply to the engine, and was able to achieve 7500 rpm operation, but still vibrating severely at speeds below 2500 rpm.

I tested the compression -- Still the same, and each of the 3 ignition wires had a strong spark.

My questions: Anybody have ideas about regaining top end RPMs and the cause of the vibrations?

Much appreciated
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