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All right. i just got done troublshooting it according to the article in the tech section, it was a good write up. I just want to get some ideas (maybe something im missing) before i order the stator. So here is what i got. Its a 2001 virage tx with the 1200. The ski has 70 hours on the hull, and about 10 hours on a new engine. i just started it for the first time in 4 years today. Changed the gas, plugs, and it fired right up. Took it to the river rode it for about a hour and it just shot off. It was running perfect the whole time, except about ten minutes before it shot off. Itt started to bog a little on take off, but then cleared out. So i came home and started to troubleshoot. The engine turns over just fine, just no spark. It has a brand new batt fully charged. I followed the write up to the t. So im at the brown wire. When i first checked it i was getting roughly 8.5 volts from the cdi. i hooked a 9 volt batt to the brown wire going to the stator, and still didnt get a spark. So i figured it was my stator acording to the write up. well i checked the voltage again from the cdi and it was only about 1.5 volts. Also i noticed that the red/purple wire lookes as if it was spliced and it goes to the oarnge connectors on the circuit board. i swear i saw somebody write that as a fix on the forums somewhere. im a little stumped at this point. So im wondering if there is another way to check the stator. I really dont wont to order the wrong part, bothe the cdi and stator are in the $200 range. any help would be great. Also incass this helps, the only people to ever wrench on this ski was the polaris dealer in bartow FL, they put the new engine in it, and if that red/purple wire is differnt it was done by the dealer.
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