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Hey all, New to this site. I have a '97 760 Wave Venture. I got it with a trailer almost 2 years ago for 600 bucks with less than 100 hours on it. Been using it since with NO problems but a replaced battery. Two questions..... A couple weeks ago we took it out in the ocean and hit it for awhile. Everything was fine, next time I went out the visibility nozzle wasn't spraying as it used to. Also at low speeds it's VERY unstable steering wise and a miminal power loss. I had a mechanic look at it and he said the impeller looked fine and couldn't see a problem. 2, the Mech. did a compression check. The 1st cyl is 150, the 2nd is 135. He's telling me that the engine is taking a dump FAST, I need to rebuild ASAP. I know thats still good comp. I'm not ignorant.....So anyone have an idea on what's causing the loss of steering control and minimal spout from the nozzle (I flush it after almost every use, and I flushed it 2 times since he's been there thinking something got clogged?) And whats the real story on the Comp. loss on the second Cyl? Thanx for helping a Jet-ski noob out, I apprieciate all replies!:confused:
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