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If you do find it to be cavitation. Witch will show as a dull line on the impeller with pitting in it. (See pic1) this can be along the outer edge of the impeller as in the picture, or down deep in the root of the blade. It's known as a cavitation burns. This will usually show on all three blades.
Check the clearance between the impeller and wear ring. .018 is the max clearance. Around that Clearance width cavitation will occur. It can also occur if air is infiltrating. This will usually be along the joint between the intake grate and pump. (See pic2).

If the clearance is below .018. and burns are present then air is probably the cause. I'd replace the impeller this will tighten the clearance and install a grate/shoe seal kit and you should be good to go.
Pic 3 is a seal kit from Riva racing. The kit fills air gaps on the back of the intake grate. Use 100% silicone adhesive caulk to glue the pieces of the kit into the grate. Then seal the grate along the green lines from pic2. Sealing both sides along the bolt flange and a crossed the back where it fits to the pump face. Seal this with more of the silicone caulk.


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