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I have a vx waverunner 2013 model, it goes awesome on the flat water.

In the ocean and waves it lacks power, especially when their are 2 people on it and we are turning hard.

I have had the impeller re pitched and it has a stainless pump tunnel, revs to 8000 rpm, serviced regulary - you can fly along in the open ocean once it is on the plane.

But lets me down when I need it most - WOT and need to get going from a standing start.

Especially when their is a current running, against the ski - as in current hitting the front of the ski, with 2 people on the ski.

I can't work out what it can be - would you have any ideas as I am pulling my hair out here trying to get it to go.

Acceleration feels soft, compared to my mates VX 2008 model - what did they change around 2012 / 2013

Any advice greatly appreciated
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