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VX110 Black Oil - Problem ?

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Ski has 20 hours on it since oil change. Oil is very dark almost black. (Yamalube)

Is this normal ? Does it point to other issues ? Help/ideas appreciated !:dunno:
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did you change the oil yourself or take it to the stearship? when the dealer does itthey only change half the oil. the only way to change the oil is to keep adding oil to the resivor and sucking it out until its clear. its kinda a pain take several minutes but worth it in the long run.
its simple. if i can do it you can. just change the oil filter... put a towel under it and remove it and replace a new one. dont worry oil wont pour out of the hole. only oil you have to worry about spilling is whatever is in the filter itself. hook up a water hose to your cooling system and let your ski run. i bought a 2 dollar oil sucker from harbor freight just suck up what oil you can and replace it with new oil. keep doing this until your oil is clear. i think it took me about 5 or 6 quarts until i felt comfortable with the condition of the oil. make sure not to fill it up with too much oil. make all oil measurements when oil is warm
Sorry this may be a stupid ? but where do you suck the oil from.
Did you remove the oil cap and suck it from there?
Thanks for your info
yeah just suck the oil from the same opening you add the oil into. just remove the cap and have at it.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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