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I'm new to the pwc world but was previously very handy with cars and would be grateful for any help.

Pardon my ignorance... Is there any difference between the "Riva air intake" and a intake that you can fab up yourself (for example: K&N and piping?). Is the riva intake just a piping and filter? or is there something between the pipe and intake manifold to prevent hydrolock? Is the Riva intake 3" in diameter?

For some reason my ski pulls great and runs strong, but only hits 48-50 mph on the Dream-o-meter...? Not sure what gives but im looking to get another 10 mph's out of it.

What was your best "bang for the buck" mod on your VX? and what kind of gains did you see?

I was thinking: air intake, grate, ride plate & prop? Does the exhaust mod make your ski too loud?

I purchased this ski for value, reliability and efficiency. Im NOT willing to sell my VX for something faster. High speeds aren't a huge deal, just about another 10 mph's. Any info is appreciated! Thanks again! :thumbsup:
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