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VXR700Pro No GO GO

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Recently purchased a used VXR700Pro. The machine seemed to run great in the shop, but had sat around for a couple years. I rebuilt the carb and thought my problems were cured. However, when I open the throttle past 50% the engine starts missing out. I have disassemble the carb on two different occasions. I have checked the needle seat arm height. I disconnected the thermo sensor from the e.l. module. Finally, I tore the engine down and completed a ground up overhaul. The engine still sputters out when over 50% throttle. There has got to be something I am missing. Not really a two cycle guy, but I do know a few things about engines. Today I ran the ski on the trailer and went through the full range of carb adjustment on the High speed needle. While doing this with the engine running, I watched the fuel flow into the carb. At no time did the fuel flow seem to slow down. Even with the high needle completely seated, the carb kept dumping enormous amounts of fuel. Before someone jumps me for closing the high needle let me say that I only did it for a very short period to see if the fuel flow would slow down. I am now drawing straws. What should I do now?
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sounds like you need to rebuild with new parts
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