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I am desperately in need of black hx shock boots, and a U.M.I. Steering system. I am also looking for 44mm, 46mm, and 48mm Novi carbs. Fuel rails both styles 720 and the bisected ones for 800 setup. Beach house sponsons for Hx's and X4 hulls. Renthal pwc handlebars, Spring loaded and hydraulic trim systems for Hx's and X4's. X and XO impellers, 720 and 800 total loss ignitions, carbon fiber hoods and hulls for hx and x4, msd water injection, R&D nozzles, TDR waterboxes for hx and x4. Hot pack tach's, lightweight charging flywheels 720. R&D mod and rec heads for 720 and 800. Factory pipes and GATOR GRIP MATS!.
Thanks, Jeff
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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