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I have a 2009 STX-15f and just moved from fresh water to salt water. Just 150 hours on it. In 50 times in fresh water times it never overheated. Now two out of eight times in salt water it has. I am assuming it is the water cooling line clogging. There is a lot of sea grass in the water so I am assuming that is causing the issue. Both times it was in a no wake zone so there was not much water pressure flowing and of course when you go idle speed, the back end is up higher so more likely to pull weeds and debris in. The first time my son was on it. He did not try trouble shooting like I would have (revving engine, etc). The second time it happened was today. The alarm went off and I shut the engine off. I started it up a few minutes later and revved it. The water seemed to be flowing fine the the water line out (pisser). I felt it and it was very warm. I ran it on high for a few minutes and the water seemed to cool down. I ran it for another ten minutes and no alarm went off. Of course not that I am in salt water I flush it after every use.

So, I have several questions. Remember, I have only been in fresh water with no debris or weeds so this is new terriroty for me.

1)Am I correct to assume it is something plugging the line or is there something else that could be causing the overheating?
2) Will revving it like I did typically clear the line if it is plugged? If not, is there anything else I can do if I become stranded (other than calling for a tow)?
3. Is there any kind of additional screen or filter that I can add to this to prevent this?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
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