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I just bought a 95 900ZXI that has a few aftermarket add-ons, including head, intake/carbs (i think) and complete exhaust system.
Anyway, the ski appears to have a water flow or pressure switch that will cut power back when the flow/pressure is too low. Due to the way the switch is fed water now it doesn't always get enough and will cut the power way back. I am trying to decide whther too simply bypass the switch, as the ski stays plenty cool, there is no water flow issue where its needed for cooling, or I could maybe feed the switch differently so it gets more water.
What do you guys think? I am leaning to just bypassing it, but if I do that I need to know whether it;s a normally open or normally closed switch, in other workds do I bypass it by cutting the two wires loose or by splicing the two wires together?
Thanks for any insight.
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