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Hello, Thanks for allt he great news! 2002 GTI LE
I recently went to start my Sea Doo, with the water hose attached to the proper port underneath. Turned the water on and it wouldn't even crank over. This is after a full charge on the battery and it running just great a week earlier. So I removed the seat and noticed a little water in the bottom that felty somewhat oily. I lefted front end of trailer and drained out most of the water.
Removed both spoark plugs to see if they had water on them and it appeared they were wet with a gas and water mixture. I cranked the engine over a few times with the spark plugs removed and a towel over the head so gas would not shoot all over everything. I cleaned the plugs and put them back in place. The engine now cranked over normally and still didn't start after 4-5 tries. This of course was being performed while the water had been runmning into the proper port. I started doing a more thorough inspection of the engine and noticed water shooting out of the side of the block close to the head.
I immediately turned off the water and tried to figure ouyt what could have happened. I ran inside for help and here I am....
Any words of advice.
Thanks Craig 512-845-0880
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