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We were getting my ski ready for the water Friday when it would not start. Pulled the plugs and there was water in the heads. Blew the water out. Put the plugs back in and it started and sounded fine (with not water attached). We pulled the lines to the intercooler and ran it again, still water getting in. We dropped it off at the shop to have them look at it but of course, the guy wont say what it could be. He said that we winterized it correctly. He just said "poop happens" sometimes. Where would the water be coming from? and why would it have happened? I have this feeling that he is gonna call and tell us that the whole motor needs to be rebuilt which I just cant see the need in it if the motor sounded good. Dont wanna get scammed but I want my ski fixed. Any ideas on this? I want to have some more knowledge on potential causes before he calls me on Tuesday.
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