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Water in engine

Being new to Jetskis, I Hooked up the hose and turned it on then tried to start the engine. And tried and tried! Someone told me that was bad and I flooded the engine. He said, Remove the spark plugs an let it dry out. I was'nt going to be using it so,i let it sit inside with them out. Ya I know, takes to long!! I jacked up the front of the trailer a few months later so It was on a pretty good tilt. Then with a fully charged battery,no water on and the choke out, hit the start button (15 sec. straight ,stop, count to 30 to save battery) a few times and the water would puke out. Some reason only with the choke out. Clean the spark plugs a couple of times in between to get water off. Worked for me.The more water out the better it sounds tryng to start.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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