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Water.... LOTS OF IT

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Ok, so I just get finished solving one issue, and I have another.
I replaced the spark plugs on my 2 x 2004 FXHOs. Works great, both returned to normal power.

So with that done, the wife and I took em out for a rid. For the most part it was a great ride, but the wife was complaining about the engine not running "normally" this was after a stop and float for 5 minute talk.

We we get back with no issue, put the ski's on the lifts and mine drains normally, say 30 seconds.

She puts hers on the lift and after 2 minutes, water is still draining. I open the back storage to find a LARGE amount of water, halfway up the battery... SHESH! So, the water continues to drain for another 5 minutes.... what gives?

I figure either something is leaking, or a hose is off or clamp lose. Maybe the bilge is not pumping water? What are some easy things to check for before I take er in? I can keep the ski on the lift (partially in the water) and turn it on to see if that's the case, but where should I look?

Seems my last issue was a common one, I hope this is as well!
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Look for a loose hose off the exhaust system. Check especially on the starboard side of the engine where you will see 4 hoses comming out that tie into one line. This area is a common failure point.

The seal around the shaft that p10sdad mentioned is a common failure point on the VX model, but rarer on the FX. Anyhow it is another good place to check. If its leaking there, you have an expensive repair on your hands.

There should not normally be much water in the ski after a ride. The bilge pump should run continuously when the engine is running, and it will continue to run for about 30 seconds after you stop the engine. If you start and stop the ski you should hear it running.

Also be sure your drain plugs are in. :rolleyes:
Do you guys have any pictures for reference of the above mention areas to look? As far as the drain plugs go, they better be in - we get out ski's stored, then dropped off ready to go each spring, this would obviously be the best case as it's a matter of putting em in :p. Will be hard to tell on the lift, maybe I will reverse the ski on the lift to get a better view...

Again, thanks for all the advice!
I really don't even want to post but I will for the sake of good advise.

Ladies and Gents - check you plugs each year. You will get LOTS of water inside your ski if your plug is not tight, or non existent for that matter (mine) :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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