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Hi everyone - quick question: I bought a fx ho 2007 waver runner from am mate - it had been standing a long time and had only 30 hours - Had it serviced before putting in the eater (although I am not confident about the service as they missed a lot) Its been running great and had a lot of fun - done 15 hours on it water-skiing and just run about. Saturday I am out doing 500 RPM two up very flat and calm - seems to be going like a dream - suddenly warning light and buzzer. stopped immediately - waited 2 minutes and then on again at idle for a few minutes - sped up to 7 knots and again warning. stopped wait a few seconds and then started but this time it stop spontaneously with in 3-4 seconds. At the time the machine was running at 26° and no prior waring of issues. got towed home and went to check the oil - no oil in the machine, checked drive and bilge and jet and the water cooling outlet - no sign of oil. No smell and no sign. Removed the sparkplugs and cylinder three seems to be squirting water vapour. I am thinking head gasket

Off to mechanic who takes a quick look - compression fine stares but runs bad and there is a knock which increases with revs - he thinks its a big end gone

Can anyone help? How do you loose oil without a trace. No warning lights no sound just suddenly gone and no trace?
How is the water coming out of the sparkplug with no compression loss?
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