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Im looking at either getting a 94' 700 (701) for $800 one with the purple hull or a 95' 1100 $900 one with the white hull.

I have rode the 94' 700 and it runs good. It did overheat once though after about a hour of riding by myself then proceeded to pull a knee boarder for bout 20 minutes it overheated (revs were limited). The lake water was like 80 degrees so im sure that had something to do with it but i checked the little water exhaust hole and the water was hot before and after pulling someone but i guess that means it is working. Anyways the thing is a blast to drive and takes some skill to ride unlike the newer jet skis. I did feel somewhat unstable with two people on it and in rough water at pretty fast speeds but fun none the less. I have heard the engine is really reliable and in fact they still make it in the standups.

I have not had a chance to test drive the 95' 1100. So I need some feedback on it. Does it handle/ride like the 700? Is the engine as reliable as the 700? Would it pull people better without having to worry about overheating issues?

Also how do I check the hours on both the skis as I dont see it listed on the display.

So which is the better buy? Thanks for any input.
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