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Waverunner 500 build up

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I have spent loads of time searching low and high for parts, info and such on these machines. I have a keen interest to get everything i can out of this ski, for a few reasons. Im going to make this a knolege base for anything having to do with this ski. if i can find something about it or a product ill be sure to add it.

Now i want to work with this unit because i enjoy the look and shape of it, i find alot of other jetskis very ugly. I also enjoy that they are cheap to find parts for, easy to work and diagnose, and theres still interest out there for them.

I currently own two, both 1988's, 500G models. one has seen better days, the other is near mint. You can guess which im running!

I plan to add a solas prop, D cut my ride plate, shave some weight where possible, polish and shave the jet drive, tune up the motor and see if i cant find some aftermarket parts, or maybe just make some!

i started rebuilding the damaged ski, and trailer before i found my current unit for $300 as it sits.

i had the common CDI problem, but am running it on a YA275 650cc CDI from the waverunner 3. works good so far, though the pulser coil has to be disconnected.

now for some pics.

old ski

and new ski

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Mine is hitting a rev limit, but disconnecting the pulser coil (red/white wire) seems to fix it. Did you ever figure out what was going on with that?
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