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Waverunner 500 build up

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I have spent loads of time searching low and high for parts, info and such on these machines. I have a keen interest to get everything i can out of this ski, for a few reasons. Im going to make this a knolege base for anything having to do with this ski. if i can find something about it or a product ill be sure to add it.

Now i want to work with this unit because i enjoy the look and shape of it, i find alot of other jetskis very ugly. I also enjoy that they are cheap to find parts for, easy to work and diagnose, and theres still interest out there for them.

I currently own two, both 1988's, 500G models. one has seen better days, the other is near mint. You can guess which im running!

I plan to add a solas prop, D cut my ride plate, shave some weight where possible, polish and shave the jet drive, tune up the motor and see if i cant find some aftermarket parts, or maybe just make some!

i started rebuilding the damaged ski, and trailer before i found my current unit for $300 as it sits.

i had the common CDI problem, but am running it on a YA275 650cc CDI from the waverunner 3. works good so far, though the pulser coil has to be disconnected.

now for some pics.

old ski

and new ski

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I have pulled my jetdrive, to begin cleaning it up. it wasn't in bad shape, but it was far from acceptable.

removed the center bar as it was cracked and not really needed

polished the wear ring and machined faces.

Thats where i sit right now. Ill be ordering the new prop end of this week and hope to have a few test runs before winter rolls around.
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now, the hardest part ive found with these is lack of information as they are older. being mine is a 88, the second year made, i can understand that. BUT, theres still info if you have the time to look. thankfully for you, ive compiled it here.

First off, a upgrade list from atlantic jet sports. they have the upgraded reeds, props and even TDR waterboxes (which i want!)

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WaveRunner, Jet Ski, Personal Watercraft Parts & Accessories for Yamaha WaveRunner, Kawasaki Jet Ski, Sea Doo, Polaris, Tiger Shark & Wet Jet Watercraft.[search]=waverunner+500&s[title]=Y&s[short_desc]=Y&s[full_desc]=Y&s[sku]=Y&s[match]=all&s[cid]=0

second is pro-tec. they still offer a list of things for the wR/WJ500's. heres a copy of the email i was sent. prices may change but they do have parts and services.

Solas Impellers $203.87
Skat Trak Impellers $218.40
Boyesen Reeds $64.95
Pro-Tec flame arrestor adapter $24.95
Pro-Tec flame arrestor $44.95
Flame arrestor pre filter $15.95
Carb primer kit $29.95

Adjustable rev-limiter modification $110.00
Cylinder porting $450.00
Cylinder head modification $100.00
Lighten flywheel $85.00
Taperbore carburetor $120.00

they can be called at (951)698-8988

I found out that Goki makes a high torque starter. also thats a SBN carb from a 650 helps tuning and power curve.

on a stock motor, you want the 13/18 pitch, on a built motor you want a 14/19 pitch.

you can:
increased acceleration

increased take off and midrange
easier to find parts, easy to tune, only a high and a low screw
this is a converted boat motor,you can have the restrictions removed ,in the exhaust as well, really wakes it up
the only pipe for this boat , they are a rare find,but worth it,replaces exhaust cover on engine
remove stock 16 pitch alluminum with stainless dual pitch ,faster top and bottom, stay with the lowest solas pitch....
this is the best grate to stop that cavatating, scrubs off a little speed but well worth it in the chop
this is a must have ,when riding 2 up to stop that bow lift,also helps handling
this is an axial flow pump. add or remove shims under the impeller to get the clearance as close to the sides as possible for good thrust

AND! K&N makes a flame arrestor and mount. part numbers 59-2042RK and 85-9329. (you need both)

weisco also makes piston kits, part number WK1037.

thats most of the info i have so far. OH, and i found CDI pinouts for you to test yours to see if its broken or not!

i have found a company that makes an aftermarket CDI for the Waverunner 500. Its called HPI (not the RC company). Part number CD4502

Also, i am buying a friends wavejammer 500 from him for $150. has a solas YA1750 prop thats brand new, and ill just end up selling the hull with a stock prop for the same $.
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Had my first long run today. ran through about 30L of gas, give or take. covered about 60-70kms, was out for about 5+ hrs. went all up and down the lakeshore or burlington and grimsby. from the marina off the 403 by the abandon ship, all the way up to hutches fish and chips for dinner.

Awesome ride! i am burnt like a potato chip.

got the ski clocked on a smooth spot at 32mph or 52kmh. thats bone stock and a great starting point for a 88!
Found out that a GY6 CDI will run the waverunner. sweet! those are only $15 on ebay. ordered a solas super camber 13/18 SS prop, went over the engine bay with WD40 to clean off the grease, and this motor is in fantastic shape!
Took it out today GPS clocked me at 54.5 kmh, or 34 MPH. I started the day at 49kmh, and with carb tuning and a tank 0f 87 octane, got 5.5kmh. this is bone bone stock, with full gear onboard minus the anchor. I swapped in new plugs, but didnt pick up any extra speed. these runs were on flat calm water, both directions. Used my trucks GPS Garmin in a plastic bag under the seat. i ended up richening up the top end and leaning out the bottom end, and it wound out better. i kept this up till i started to loose top end and then backed it into the sweet spot.

I want to be sure i check what each change does for me, and get a list together. once the prop is on, ill take it out and report how that goes for me.

Met with a bunch of racers from the area. very cool seeing them run a course. i gave it a go in the waverunner but it spins too easy. building a rideplate and scoop grate is on my next to do list.
got the solas 13/18 prop in, but was 1000ft higher up and in very warm water, so i couldnt get the tuning dialed in. i did find that its easy to carve when cranked right over. ith a bit of tuning and a nice ride plate, it should handle great. long list of things needing done before i can get out and test though.

also got a lead on a 650 powerplant. more on that later if it goes through.
Well, the 500 is going to a buddy for him to rip. hes throwing in a solas 17.5 prop and will have some fun with it.

I on the other hand grabbed a 1990 LX650 for cheap, $250. only year they stuffed a 50hp in them. Plans are to go to a 61X cylinder and 62T case. MSD enhancer, factory B pipe, dual 38's, and for now, keeping the 13/18 prop.

Motor is a 6m6 now, thats wont stay that way for long. a stock 6m6 is rated at 38mph, 701 61x is rated around 44, and the 62T stock should do 45. will probably need to make a scoop grate. When the pump becomes the limiting factor, ill pull the powerplant and stuff it in a superjet. love that yami's are universal!

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