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1989 Waverunner 500
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New to the forum here, so, Greetings. Over the past few years, I’ve acquired a number of old Yamaha Waverunners and I’ve been having an issue with one of the 1988 500’s. Since the first time I started it, the bendix wasn’t staying engaged while cranking the engine over, I assumed this was because the bendix was old and worn out or something related to the assembly itself.
Overtime this problem has gotten worse, and now it only cranks the engine a couple turns before disengaging (not enough turns to get it to fire). I tried swapping the starter with a different one from a spare engine I had (which seemed to work fine), and to my surprise, I was faced with the same issue.
After ruling out that it wasn’t the bendix or starter, I began to look at the engine itself, finding that the flywheel appears to kick back and disengage the bendix after a few turns. At first I assumed it was a light backfire, but after cranking it with the plug caps off, and then the plugs completely out, I have run out of ideas as to what the cause of this issue could be.
Thanks, and Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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