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Aloha from the islands of the Pacific Blue.

I have a 93' Waverunner 650VXR that had been running well for the past three months or so and just today I attempted to run it after sitting for a couple of weeks and had a hard time getting it started.

It starts when carb cleaner is sprayed lightly into the venture but would die out. I knew it was fuel related to I detatched all fuel lines and flushed them out with an air nozzle and they all seemed to be clear.

Next I took apart the carb and flushed out all the fuelways and airways and everything seems clear. Now it starts and it idles but when I begin to throttle up it begins to bog somewhat and run high and low with the more throttle I give it.

Anyone know what more I can do or check? Thanks in advance and I look forward to some sound advice. Ahui hou gotta go, Aloha Shane
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