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Waverunner III Quits Running

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I have a 1995 Waverunner III and it has a problem. Last year, I was riding it and it just quit. Would not crank. I figured it must be a battery since it was installed in 2004. Replaced the battery and spark plugs (yearly maintenance) and it ran fine for 10 to 15 minutes.

Now, it just dies. It will run for 30 seconds and they just die. Sometimes it will crank and start, other times it will not crank for 30 seconds then crank and start fine, run for 15 seconds or so and then die again.

Any suggestions? Over heating maybe? I'm confused by the not cranking part. Any help would be appreciated.
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Carb/fuel problem? Has the carb been rebuilt? Spark plugs fouled? Poor compression? Stuck valve? Lots of possiblities.
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