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Waverunner seat reupholstering question...

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I am trying to reupholster my seats on a 98 Yamaha XL760. I got the new seat covers and a good electric staple gun, but when i try to put the staples in they just bend to the side. I am using Arrow T50 1/4" Monel Rustproof staples. Do I have to use a thicker lower gauge staple? I see that they make a 20 gauge 1/4" stainless steel staples, do I need to use those? Thanks for your help...
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I started trying with a manual and it was doing it slightly. Then I bought the electric one and the staples will go flat, but not into the plastic, just bend and fold off to the side. Where at the Jersey shore are you, want to do it for me?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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