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Hey all,

New member here and a proud new (to me) 2013 Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser HO owner. I bought the jet ski off of a friend who rode from new until the end of last season. I just brought it in to a local shop near me for the spring service to be done and the owner of the shop was trying to convince me that I need to have the steering cable replaced ($900.00 with labor included). He was trying to show me what was wrong before I signed off by moving the steering column from right to left as if making a left hand turn and acted like it had hit a wall getting hung up before he was able to continue the turn. After I saw this I insisted that I try to recreate what he was showing me and while I did note a SMALL amount of resistance in the area he noted, it seemed to me like the guy was trying to up-sell me on a service that may not be needed right away. I honestly don't even think I would have noticed it if he had not pointed it out. The person I bought it from is a good friend who always did the spring and fall services; he has told me that if the repair is necessary he will make it right, but I am just not convinced it is necessary.

My plan is to wait until it can be ridden (still very cold where I live to be riding) and see if I can even notice it while riding and if not have it done in the fall when it is winterized.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this something I should seriously consider now before I ride for the summer? This shop is the only place within a few hours of me that has Yamaha certified technicians.

Thanks in advance all
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