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Just accuired this WB760 and was told that i has been sitting for quite sometime. I opened it up and saw a few things that am unfamiliar with as I am new to watercraft, but familiar with dirtbikes. I have a few questions for you guys that are familiar with these items.

This was not connected to anything it was just sitting at the bottom of the hull. Its some kind of strainer, but to what?

What are these two containers? They have hoses connected at the base so they just look like vent holes leading the the front. And is that a garden hose flush to the left of them? It also has a hose that goes to the block.

And is this gummy stuff old fuel or is it lubricant that has aged??

It wont start so I presume that the carbs are all gummed up. So next step get carbs cleaned? I already emptied the old fuel and it stunk like terpentine. Any feed back would be apprieciated. Thanks.
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