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Hello all, first post so take it easy on me...
I have a 1989 550 that broke down on me in 1998. I’m in the process of rebuild.
Before it broke down years ago I installed 76mm pistons, BCW intake, Westcoast head w/ 22cc domes, Mikuni 44 carb, Coffman exhaust and a free flow water box.
It ran great for about one tank of fuel. then died. I finally took apart 20 yrs later and found one piston and one dome pitted badly. I was on pump gas (prob 87 because marina at the time only had 87). I know more about engines now and assume failure was due to low octane.
I am trying to source a new/good set of 22cc domes or higher for the Westcoast head. If anyone has a set plz reach out.


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