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Today I fished on my jet ski in the Marina Shores Million Dollar Rockfish Challenge. It had been delayed due to bad weather. The weather today was perfect with flat and calm seas, which I needed considering the distance I covered today.
I departed Crab Creek Boat Ramp at Lynhaven inlet in Virginia Beach Virginia around 0630hrs, I ran into STYX on the boat "Havana Banana" at the dock and we decided to run South together along the Atlantic coast. Run South we did, ended up finding the bite off of Duck, North Carolina. I caught 10 Striped Bass today, all on a Stretch 30 and a Mojo. Most of them were 29-34 inches but I did manage a 36 and 37 incher that I weighed in for the tourny. No Million dollars for me today but I had a great time trying.
Today was my longest round trip to date. I covered 152 miles between running and trolling. I burned 32 gallons and averaged 38 miles an hour going and 47 miles coming back. I am pretty sure I was the only jet ski out there. Ha!
Happy New Year All.
Hear are some pictures I took today.

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