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What is the best jetski

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Buying my first jetski, want the fastest, best handling, reliable, easy to maintain ski, got to have good fuel capacity and go so fast it will scare me eveytime i ride it, some river some ocean work,
Forget the budget what would you buy.
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kawi 250!!!!!
550 OCEAN PRO SLUT said:
kawi 250!!!!!
So Ive heard, Im getting mine tomorrow. :)
post pics please
will do - Im waiting for them to call - they had to get new licenses from the DMV due to some change at Kawi - should have that today and then I can get the ski. I told them I wanted the blue one, but Im still debating the red.
cool deal, i would love to see detailed pics
550 OCEAN PRO SLUT said:
kawi 250!!!!!
Well If you have the Ultra 250 - I am glad you said you want Fuel Capacity - cary lots of spare tanks with you...

They are fast though :)
yeah - the 250 has a 20 gallon tank - 3-4 cans to fill that sucker up
Here are the requested pics - finally picked up the ski this morning. :)

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What is the price of the kawasaki ultra 250x ?
They no longer make the Ultra 250. It's now the Ultra 260 because they redesigned the engine. It is a very fast ski but I have beat them on my Ultra 150, which is also make by Kawasaki but you can only buy used now. It is much lighter and is a 2 stroke and much easier to work on but if I was going to buy new, I would either buy the new Ultra 260X or the Yamaha 1800 2 seater which I think is called the FZR or something?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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