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sbt ---- Should Buy Three so you can Send Back Two:laugh: :cheeky4: :laugh: :cheeky4:
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Counting the minutes till you're banned. :cheeky4:
Check this out, from the Riva site

Hey guys,

I havent posted here in quite awhile. I seem to remember that Javier used to frequent this board?

The reason I bring it up is I have been notified that someone was using my account over at PWCToday and possibly talking some trash to Javier. I went to check on it and my account has been banned and I cant find the posts.

If this is true I want to appologize and let everyone know it wasnt me. I havent posted on PWCToday since 2003 or so. I don't know who hacked the account but I get the feeling it would almost have to be someone with some administrative powers on that board.

Anyway......just an FYI something funny is going on over there and if any feathers were ruffled over posts made by 99_gprider, please accept my apologies as I had nothing to do with it.


1999 GP1200
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Al, that's funny you bring that up, and I bet that Ryan guy is correct. I found it funny how long that post went on for without a response from Bryan. I all along thought he was in fact the one talking all the trash under someone else's name, or another name. He was too busy using someone else's name rather than commenting with his "SBT" account.
Yup, i cought that one too. Now if you look over at pwct, There's a guy with a blown crank in the sbt section. They seem to be staying really quite on that one so far. I sold that guy the engine cases earlier this year. I feel really bad because he was really looking forward to the group k package, but simply couldn't afford any other crank.
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