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What on earth is wrong with my Superjet??

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Hi Guys
I'm having real issues with my square-nose superjet. I have tried everything to fix it and don't know where to go next.
It basically will not 'screem' or rev properly, kinda sounds like it is choking on too much fuel.

It ran fine one day, put it to bed for about 2 weeks and then never went the same again.

I have replaced the plug caps (and cut back the leads). I have cleaned the carb filter (which was very choked).

I have now taken the thing to the beach (about 30 mins drive away) at least 5 times with it playing up and it's driving me mad!!

I have a another 650 superjet which I could swap the electrics over for, but am reluctant as that one runs! The thought of trying to get to the starter motor wire etc is a bit upsetting too!

Can anyone suggest what I should do next, short of drilling a hole in it and taking it to sea.

Thank you for any thoughts / comments.
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what is your problem?
clean gas
check spark
check compression
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