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what should i buy?

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Jumping into a new jet ski. Have 3 teenagers - skiers and wakeboarders. We owned "97 Sea Doos which I sold over the winter, and I have NOT been in the market. So I need some suggestions for a solid general performance jet ski that also works with wakeboarding - though we do have a ski boat.......... Suggestions?
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My recommendations are the Seadoo wake 215. Its the same engine/hull as the RXT, but comes with many features to incorporate the fun of wakeboarding and skiing. The new 08 models come with an attachment to the back of the ski which adds 200 pounds and creates a larger wake. Im sure you can find a decent 07 tho for maybe 8k....but if your looking for just a good ski used that can pull can even go with an older seadoo GTX
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