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I have 2 waverunners. A GP1300R, and a VX110 Cruiser. They've been sitting in the driveway all winter with the negative battery leads disconnected. I know this isn't proper (I forgot to bring the batteries inside), but it's where I'm at right now.

We had decided we were going to need new batteries this season anyway, but have been low on funds. Well today is such a beautiful day I decided to just TRY to see if they'd start.

The GP started right up, no hesitation.
The VX though, tried to turn over, and just didn't make it.

So I had this epiphony "I wonder if Walmart sells these batteries." So I ran down to wally world to check. Sure enough, they do! And alot cheaper than what I was expecting to have to pay from the dealership.

But then I read the back of the box.....BATTERIES MUST BE CHARGED BEFORE USE....

So, disappointed, I left and went to Autozone. Found the same thing. I don't own a charger, nor have the time to charge if I want to go out today.

The associate at autozone said that once the electrolytes were added the battery would be at 80% charge, and the ski would probably start. But he further said that he wouldn't take it on the lake like that, for fear of getting stranded.

My question to you guys. What can I do at this point? The obvious answer would be, buy a charger, and start charging away. What about the electrolytes in my current batteries? Maybe my batteries are fine and just need a refill and charge? Can you buy that stuff seperately?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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