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G'day All,

Firstly the price below is in Australian Dollars.

I'm looking at purchasing a 2nd hand jet ski and would really love some advice.

I've never owned a jetski before as I've only ever used rental jetskis when I've been away. It's always been a blast, so I have been looking at purchasing a ski. A bloke at my Dad's workplace is selling his 1995 Yamaha Waveraider 1100CC 2-seater for $3500. It's done 150 hours and has NOT been rebuilt. Compression has been tested and it's got 120PSI (which the seller says is very good). It does have a new steering cable. Apparently it has seen very minimal salt water and is used mostly on a Dam near Brisbane.

Could somebody tell me whether this is a good price? I've really no idea so I'm hoping that someone with some more experience can help me out. The ski comes with a trailer.

I haven't done a test ride or anything as yet as I want to know whether this seems like a reasonable price. I've just uploaded the pictures I have of it to ImageShack. Here is a link to the album (ImageShack Album - 4 images)

So yes, if you could tell me whether this is a good price, and what sort of money I could expect to spend replacing/repairing things in the future. What's involved in a rebuild and how much will I have to spend? I'm a mechanical person and would be able to do the work myself, so it'd really only be a parts cost.

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