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Hello and thank you for taking a look at this post!

I am searching for a trailer that is suitable for two PWCs where one is a full size SeaDoo (2021 Wake 170) and the other is a much smaller standup (2019 Yamaha Superjet): The SeaDoo weighs 747 lbs and is 131” long x 47” wide whereas the Superjet weighs only 300 lbs. and is only 88” long x 27” wide.

We use the trailer for the most part only for our annual two- or three-week trip to Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina. That means trailering 678 miles each way, daily unloading/loading at a salt water boat ramp, and then about 48 weeks of no use whatsoever sitting in our driveway. We have an Audi Q7 (would tow a house) and a Honda Element (not much power), but we mostly tow with the Honda, so overall weight is something to consider.

We have a double trailer (link here) but, per the pics, I worry it is a bit narrow for the long highway journey. It was purchased to fit into the garage at our last house. We've moved and storage is now on the driveway. We have more room, but I'd rather take up as little as possible so as to not compete with the basketball court and other cars.

For starters, I will take any advice on what trailer(s) to consider!

I know that I can get a standard double PWC trailer and simply slide the bunks closer together on the side for the smaller Superjet standup jetski. I would take any suggestions on which one to get. Ideally, I’d like to find a trailer that is not as wide or long as many double PWC trailers tend to be. I am looking to find the balance between large enough for stability for our two skis (no chance we ever get a 2nd large one) and small enough to not take up as much space in my driveway (width or length). My sense is that for better balance, the larger PWC could/should be closer to the middle of the trailer given that it does not have to share space with another same size PWC. Also, the winch needs to be able to be slide closer to the smaller Superjet so there is not a big gap.

Any trailers come to mind? Brands? Or go custom, but where? Construction -- aluminum or steel?. Double axle overkill? Etc. Really, any advice would be much appreciated!

Or, if you think I'm crazy and should just keep the one we have (it has made the journey once already), please let me know!

Thank you!





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