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I am 15 years old and have ridden stand ups ever since i can remember. I have a kawasaki 750 sxi and i like it but i want something with more pop. People always told me that my dads stand up could beat anything on the water back in the day and it would take your pants off. lol I tell my dad that i want to ride it but it is in a million pieces because 7 years ago he was painting it and got busy and didnt get it back together. So i told him i was gonna fix it up. Today i went to his shop and started working on it. Talk about trying to find tons of parts haha. I got it almost all the way put together and i think it will be completed by tomorrow. I wanted to list some of the mods and ask what you guys think what he has done to it really makes that big of a difference. I dont like racing flat out i just like to jump and thats it. Tell me what your thoughts are on if this has that much pop. Ok it is a 1985 kawasaki 550. I will list the mods below.
-Port and Polished
-Timing advanced
-Head Milled
-Skat Trak Prop
- After market ride plate
-After market water intake
-Coffman exhaust
-After market water box
-K&N velocity stak
-Primer kit
What do you guys think about all this? Will it have a bunch of pop to shoot me over the waves? Thanks
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