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Finally was able to get my 1992 Yamaha 650 running took me weeks to find I had an electrical problem someone suggested maybe had a problem with the key button that over the years Key Button can get Corroded and work off and on that was my problem Spark Plugs would Spark for few seconds and it would start then Stop within a few seconds then No Spark for few minutes I was able to get handle Bar area open and I cleaned the Green Start Button and The Red Stop Button They were a mess but it did start after cleaning them. My Question is I need to replace these switches Can you tell me where I can buy Parts I live in Massachusetts Guessing I need to Buy them on Line but form where? I have a feeling I will be needing many more parts in the coming years. My Local Yamaha Dealer told me parts are expensive and that they could do it for me for a price
and that A Girl Can Not do this type of Repair. You can Imagine how I Responded to that Remark So Any Help will be appreciated
Thanks, Pink Lightning :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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