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Okay, I'm a noobie from Tampa, FL. looking to purchase a 3 seater for myself, my daughter and my wife to enjoy. I need power to haul 3 people but I'd also like some speed and agility to play in the waves as well......

I've been shopping and researching all hours of the night for the past 2 weeks, and I've narrowed it down to the following candidates...I've posted each with their asking price and concerns that I have about each...HELP! I'm totally confused and don't which is best for my purposes...:dunno:

1. 1997 Kawasaki 900 with trailer ($1,500)....concerns about Kawasaki reliability according to many posts on various sites.

2. 1997 SeaDoo GTX with trailer ($1,800)....Speed? Agility? Reliable?

3. 2000 SeaDoo GTI with trailer ($2,000)...see #2 concerns

4. 2003 SeaDoo GTX 4 TEC 4 Supercharged with trailer ($2,000)...cosmetic concerns, sun faded

5. 2004 Polaris MSX 150 Turbo ...NO TRAILER ($2,000)...reliability issues and maintenance expenses according to several posts online

6. 2004 Yamaha XL 700 with trailer ($2,000)....speed? Concerns about hours on this ski...since there is no meter/gauges on it...some cosmetic worries (minor) there you have it and you see my conundrum. I need input ASAP...thanks..Looking forward to being an active part of this community...hopefully I'll meet some of you on the waves around the Tampa area soon.


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It's not a dead forum but since we are out of season for most parts of the country, it is not as busy here right now. Now, as far as those ski's go, I would avoid every single one of them. Polaris, Sea Doo Tigershark and many other no name brand jet ski's have terrible reliability issues. Kawasaki and Yamaha are the best but I also wouldn't shy away from a Honda if they still made them. With a 3 seater, you want at least 1100 c.c.'s or else it will be gutless with 3 people on it. You can probably find a good Kawasaki or Yamaha 3 seater with at least an 1100 in it for around the same prices as the others or slightly more.
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