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I saw a Yamaha super jet (stand-up) yesterday at Fiesta Island with black hydro Turf Mat material profesionally cut and installed over the entire length of the ski bumper.
Looked great and seemed to be cool idea in those situations when you fall off and are holding on to the side of the ski while still in the water.
My bumper on my 650sx is screwed since someone decided to sand then spray paint gloss black over the bumper, resulting in a half peeling off ugly mess.

No one seems to have a new or decent 91 650sx bumper.

Called Hydro Turf and they said no one does that. They offered to send me the sheet but there is no way in hell I could make all those bizzare angles and have it lign up right. It took two tries before I got the mat to come out correct much less the entire ski bumper.

Any ideas?????:confused:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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