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having some trouble with my 1991 seadoo xp 580. so when the ice was first off the lakes i took it out to try it out. it gave me a little trouble starting at first but after getting it running and warmed up i was riding for about 10 min and suddenly it lost all power and almost died out. after limping it back to shore i brought it home and changed the plugs and replaced the fuel lines that go into the tank, they were falling apart so for my regular and reserve lines i put about 8 inches on each one figuring that i will just watch my fuel gauge. took it out again and it did the same thing. this time i found the fuel filter so i cleaned good and tried it again just on the garden hose. now it wont start without me putting gas in the intake and when it does run it idles fine and everything, but when i rev it up the rpm's just seem to want to take off, so i push the kill switch until it comes back and almost dies then let it go so it will keep running. i currently am just letting it idle in the yard on the hose and i dumped some seafoam in the tank hoping that that will fix the problem and i wont have to pull the carbs off. any idea on what might cause it to just rev up like that and keep revving?
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