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Will a modified ignition affect carb tuning ???

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Welcome all aboard, I have a 1992 Yamaha VXR 650 with the stock ignition and wires. I want to bump up to the MSD ignition enhancer and coil unit.
Currrently this ski has an aftermarket pipe and billet Aluminum carb adapter W/ K&N 59-2000 spark arrestor on it. The oil pump has been removed and I run 50 to 1 premix , Will this install affect my mixture ? Will I need to re-tune the carb? It is an SBN 44 Mikuni. Would I need to run hotter plugs?
Or stay with the NGK BR8S ???

Any help would be awesome.

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yes it will affect your "tuning" of the carbs,,,, but not jet size..... i would continue to run the plugs recommended for the motor...its not like your running race gas through it where you would need a hotter spark, your just changing the timing
Remy, How would the addition of the spark enhancer affect the timing ??

According to the literature that comes with the enhancer it is a plug and play unit ....

So, you think I will need to re-tune ! We will see soon. I have the tuning guide for the carb so itshould be a no brainer....

Sink _Sank _Sunk out !

ok let me get this straight,,, are you replacing the cdi unit itself or just adding something to it. in other words does the enhancer unit replace all the ignition stuff or just add to it.. im not familiar with your boat....

if its not replacing the cdi itself then your timing shouldnt change... if its a whole ignition unit then the timing is probably being advanced, which would therefore need carb tuning...

carbs are hard to tune correctly.. just having the book wont make it a breeze,
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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