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Will a modified ignition affect carb tuning ???

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Welcome all aboard, I have a 1992 Yamaha VXR 650 with the stock ignition and wires. I want to bump up to the MSD ignition enhancer and coil unit.
Currrently this ski has an aftermarket pipe and billet Aluminum carb adapter W/ K&N 59-2000 spark arrestor on it. The oil pump has been removed and I run 50 to 1 premix , Will this install affect my mixture ? Will I need to re-tune the carb? It is an SBN 44 Mikuni. Would I need to run hotter plugs?
Or stay with the NGK BR8S ???

Any help would be awesome.

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Remy, How would the addition of the spark enhancer affect the timing ??

According to the literature that comes with the enhancer it is a plug and play unit ....

So, you think I will need to re-tune ! We will see soon. I have the tuning guide for the carb so itshould be a no brainer....

Sink _Sank _Sunk out !
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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