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Below is what I performed on my 2008 STX-15. I did alot of research and this is what I came up with. My main focus is to avoid any HUGE ommissions.

If any of the experts can comment on my procedure, I would really appreciate it.

1. fuel stabilizer. My last run of the year on the water was about 30 minutes with fuel stabilizer.
2. i purchased 2 , 1 gallon jugs of RV antifreeze. Once the jetski was out of the water i started it and simultaneously poured, via a larger funnel, the 2 jugs into the machine where the water hook-up is. each jug took about 20-30 seconds to pour in the machine. i could see the antifreeze come out the rear.
3. i spun out each spark plug, sprayed for about 10 seconds fogging oil into the spark plug hole , spun the plugs back in and turned over the machine for a second or two. smoke came out the back.

Thats it!
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