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Bought my second WaveRunner 1990 with a WR500 in it. I have two of them. Took the second one out for the first time last weekend and experienced a slight problem.

The ski just wouldn't top out and reach the top speed it is capable of. I know it should at least be in the 32 mph range.

Things checked. I have compression of 140 and 132 in cylinders. I have adjusted the high and low on the carb. Carb was cleaned when I was installing the engine. New fuel filter also when I installed the used engine. I have a stainless impeller, not a stock one, but not for sure what type it is.

The ski fires right up and runs really good. I thought the lack of top end power might be due to low compression but a 8 psi loss isn't much. Don't want to spring for the 114.00 to replace rings and pistons if this won't really solve the problem.

Just want to get that 5 or 6 mile an hour gain so that both skis run about the same on the water. Oh, and I also checked, I am not dragging water in the hull with me either. It also was with a 185 lb rider and a full tank of gas.

Just stumped. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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